The first of many webinars created by DWP Live, “Projecting the Future” features the future of film-making and television production. DWP Live founder, Danny Whetstone and team of in-house experts along with guest panelists, hit the mark! Projection mapping is fast becoming an industry standard in the business of entertainment, marketing, and advertising.

Visual effects expert, Bjorn Mayer talks about his backdrop creation fetes for the Tom Cruise film, Oblivion. Tokyo-based, Nobumichi Asai, the world’s leading pioneer in “electronic makeup” and “face hacking,” shows us the magic, visualized and achieved, through real-time face tracking and projection mapping. These excerpts and more can be seen in the full-length webinar.

Learn more about the integration of projection mapping into the film and television industries. View the full-length version here.

DWP Live is launching a new series of multi-media blogs focusing on the latest advances in projection mapping and 3D laser scanning technologies, applications, challenges, and possibilities. Let us know what interests you and we will add it to our list of topics for our experts and industry peers!