DWP Live was engaged to provide projection support for NBC’s “Christmas at Graceland,” a live music special that united music’s biggest stars to honor the legacy of Elvis Presley and celebrate the spirit of the holiday season at the historic Graceland estate. This was the first live musical televised special of its kind on the grounds with performances by John Legend, Post Malone, Lana Del Ray and many more to pay homage to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the impact he had on the world. The DWP team used Barco UDX 4k32 projectors and disguise media servers to bring Christmas magic to the televised performances at various locations across the estate. 

Project Background

As the first special of its kind, “Christmas at Graceland” presented an opportunity to honor Elvis’ legacy and showcase the magic of the holidays at his beloved home. The special had close family ties with the Executive Producer being Elvis’ own granddaughter, Riley Keough. DWP was able to make the ambiance of the performances truly rockin’ with their projection support at the Graceland Mansion and Graceland Barn. The live special aired in November of 2023 and was made available for streaming following the performance on Peacock. 

Our Approach

Our team was engaged to provide video projection that could be synced to the timecode of the special so content projected during the broadcast aligned with the timing of the songs. To do so, the projector content was driven by disguise media servers and programmed to follow the timecode from the television production truck for sync. 

Given the vibrant lighting design, matching brightness for the projections was key to ensure the content was captured on camera the way the director and lighting designer intended. This project was a live television broadcast, so quality reproduction was the driving force behind our choices and implementation. 

Project Requirements: 

Graceland Mansion Performances

  • 4 Barco UDX 4k32 projectors
  • 1 disguise media server

Graceland Barn Performances

  • 2 Barco UDX 4k32 projectors
  • 1 disguise media server

Impact created

Our team was honored to be a part of this special that celebrated such an influential person in the history of entertainment. We were able to enhance the already stunning grounds of Graceland to bring the performances to life for millions of viewers worldwide and are thankful for the opportunity to participate in this unique project that commemorated the legacy Elvis Presley left behind.