MXE front light 1 - DWP LIVE

img_3541DWP Live is proud to announce the addition of high resolution AOTO LED tiles to their creative rental and staging inventory. Purchased through Las Vegas-based distributor CVI (Creative Visual Impact), the tiles will strengthen DWP’s ability to create remarkable high resolution video displays, as a perfect addition to their renowned projection mapping skills.

As a leading worldwide LED manufacturer, AOTO Electronics Co., LTD, offers their modular MXE tiles in multiple pixel pitches.   DWP selected the high resolution MXE 2.8, with a calibrated brightness of 1500 nits, 24-bit processing for superb color depth, and a 100,000 hour lifespan per tile. Specifically, for the rental and staging market, each lightweight tile includes an ultra-strong carbon fiber frame and offers tool-free assembly on site.

“The MXE product line is the first of its kind in the U.S,” noted Michael Edwards, CVI’s Product and Technology Specialist. “The resolution is extremely high, and because everyone’s concerned about weight at events, the carbon fiber frame is perfect.   In addition, you don’t need tools for assembly ” it’s all lock-in-place. Around the world, AOTO products are well known for installations at arenas, broadcast facilities and big events such as auto shows. And now, through DWP, we’re proud to partner with them, and open up a huge market of potential clients.”

“This purchase expands the breadth of opportunity, and our ability to deliver quality solutions for our customers,” said Chris Prosio, DWP’s Director of Sales. “By adding 500 MXE tiles, it’s not only the first step in an inventory expansion, but a remarkable creative expansion that continues into 2017 with the addition of ongoing developing product innovation. We can stage multiple LED-based events simultaneously, in resolutions from HD to 4K and above.”

MXE front lightDanny Whetstone, DWP’s Founder and President, commented on the purchase, and the importance of the AOTO brand. “What AOTO brings to the table is quality, transportability and longevity,” said Whetstone. “These tiles have many advantages, especially when weight is concerned.   Because of the carbon fiber backbones and their structural strength, we can fly the tiles from battens in a theatre, rather than using a truss and motors.”
1-1501091341425d“In terms of resolution and maintaining our creative standards, in the past, we could not match the resolution of projection with LED ” but that’s not true anymore,” emphasized Whetstone. “Now, it’s affordable and possible, and a natural step for us. And beyond believing in the product, we’re backing AOTO themselves. They’re not just looking for another LED vendor, they’re looking for companies that care about quality and the AOTO brand, and that’s part of our decision criteria. Customers already familiar with using their products outside the U.S., can bring their projects to DWP with that comfort and confidence in hand.”