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DWP Live is proud and honored to partner with Barco for the fourth year in a row at the Barco Belgium Beer Bar. Check out our new d3 units in action.

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  CinemaCon 2015 Caesars Palace Recap  

Produced, Shot & Edited by DWP Live

CinemaCon 2015 Caesars Palace Projection Mapping | Full Video

Footage provided by Barco

CinemaCon 2015 was a showstopper yet again. Thanks to d3 Technologies and the new Barco HDF-W30 projector, Caesars Palace looked brighter and sharper than ever before. DWP Live is proud to partner with Barco for the fourth consecutive year at the Barco Belgium Beer Bar.

The Fourth Anniversary excitement began as CinemaCon took over Caesars palace in Las Vegas April 20-23. The projection-mapping project came together with two d3 4x4pros running all eight outputs, 10 Barco HDF-W26 Projectors and two brand new Barco HDF-W30 Projectors. The d3 media servers shaved hours of time off the design and projection of the show. Clay Tipton, DWP Live’s d3 designer, said why d3 is a hot item right now. “Any edit you have can be quickly changed or removed – you can manipulate inputs to be output however you want,” Clay said. The design process is much easier with this program. DWP Live owns several d3 servers ready to rent out for endeavors just like this – bringing more simplicity to projection mapping projects for everyone. It takes a team of seasoned professionals to achieve this level of excellence. A special thanks goes to Barco for this opportunity and FiveStone Studios for creating the original content.

Client: Barco Executive Producer: DWP Live Projection and Projection Mapping by DWP Live Content Creation: FiveStone Studios

Las Vegas, Nevada 2015