The d3 4x4pro Media Servers are in action yet again. Integrated Visions and DWP Live came together to produce a projection mapping performance like never before at the Miami InterContinental Hotel. The show lit up the night sky with a fantastic display of projection mapping for the new Oculto beer by Anheuser-Busch. Using the industry’s most advanced content mapping features, DWP Live projected on the 350-foot InterContinental Hotel using a single d3 4x4pro, d3 Designer and nine Barco HDF-W26 projectors. The advanced d3 media servers created efficient setup and operation that hasn’t been accessible to operators in the past. “The user interface is extremely intuitive,” said Clay Tipton, DWP Live’s d3 designer. The most complex shows are delivered with simplicity and flexibility. The d3 media servers save time and money. “No re-rendering on the front end and no new gear on the back end,” added Clay. “It’s extremely up-to-date.” Designers and technicians use this software for the easiest development of the project possible. The d3 4x4pro media servers are available now at and! Watch the “Behind the Scenes” video below! Client: Integrated Visions Content Creation: Integrated Visions Projection and Projection Mapping: DWP Live Miami, Florida | InterContinental Hotel