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The saying “out with the old, in with the new” can be used in several different scenarios. In our world, we use it for event management and planning. There are so many innovative tools and trends each year, some of which come and go year after year. We are noticing  one piece of technology in particular that we believe is currently on its way out while a few different pieces of computer technology are on the rise in the events world for 2019.

What’s In:

Our team believes that facial tracking will become wildly popular next year. Since everyone’s face has recognizable features, it’s easier for cameras to detect faces, allowing cameras to focus more on someone’s face rather than their surroundings. Facial tracking could be used for numerous different live events such as sports games and award shows.

Virtual reality (VR) is used a significant amount in our event world. We are seeing VR a lot these days at events as companies use this to transport attendees to places and into experiences that they would otherwise not be able to see. An example could be that someone wants to experience driving a new car model at an auto show. While the car may be there, the person “driving” could have the ability to see the sights and hear the sounds of what the actual drive would be like if they were out on a road by wearing special VR goggles. With VR, sometimes more people can attend your events as well, which is great if someone could not make the event.

DWP currently utilizes VR as a tool in the event planning process, allowing customers to see a virtual walk through of the event before it happens.

Augmented reality (AR) is also becoming popular in the event world. It’s supported more by native IOS and Androids as it combines computer-generated images with physical environments. For example, if you played Pokemon Go, you were using augmented reality. In this scenario, players went to real physical locations to interact with virtual targets using his or her phone.

What’s Out:

What’s popular now doesn’t mean the same technology will be popular next year. There is one piece of computer technology that we believe will be phasing out within the next 6 months. We have seen a shift in OLED transparent displays. The purpose of these self-lighting LEDs is to communicate dynamic and interactive content via a transparent screen. We are seeing these being used less and less these days. While they are pretty cool, not many people really use these in their event marketing anymore.


What do you think will be phasing in or out within the next year or so? Do any of the above technology phenomenons interest you? If you have questions or want to chat about your next event and want to knock it out of the park, let us know. We can help you make your virtual dreams become a reality!