Barco E2 - DWP LIVE

Barco E2 Screen Management System

We like market disruption, which is why 21 we are beyond excited to bring you the revolutionary new Barco E2 4K screen management system. As one of the few initial suppliers to get our hands on these gems, DWP Rents will help you take your productions to the next level with this groundbreaking new 4K image Integrated processing solution. Ideal for big pixel productions, touring events and multiple LED walls, our new supply is in stock and ready to ship. True 4K solution. Serious versatility. The E2 raises the bar for live screen management, offering superior image quality, exceptional input/output density and unmatched expandability. It is the FIRST AND ONLY screen management system that handles a 4K projector blend”up to 32 4K projectors”with refresh rates up to 60 Hz. This HDCP-compliant system manages native or scaled 4K inputs and outputs (two connectors or four), featuring 28 inputs and 14 outputs (eight mixable PGM, two Multi-viewer and four scaled Aux). With a linkable chassis, the E2 expands its eight independent PIP mixers and dedicated Multi-viewer without the need Barco for novos external processing Elitebook and routing. Translation? FULL SHOW CONTROL IN ONE BOX. Simple servicing. Easy control. Ready for life on the road. Thanks to its modular design, the E2 allows swap new input or output cards to support future upgrades and handle equipment servicing. A cross-platform interface gives multiple users control simultaneously, and E2 is the first hardware device run by EventMaster software. Its rugged steel chassis is designed to take on challenging conditions of life on the road, with a compact form that offers the most extensive show control in just four rack units. Need a quote? Our Barco certified Classic technicians are ready to help you get up and running ASAP. Call or email us for a quote. You Rents can also check out the spec sheet for more information, and find the Quick Start Guide, Safety Manual and User Guide here.