Barco RLM W14 Projector In Stock

GREAT NEWS! The brand new Barco RLM W14 projector is on the market and DWP Rents is one of the first distributors to offer this powerful but compact projection technology. We’ve got projector units in stock and ready to ship. The RLM W14 projector is a super-bright, 14,500 lumens, WUXGA, 3-chip DLP projector”and Barco’s answer to customer demand for brighter projectors in compact, cost-effective form. With the RLM W14, Barco expanded the brightness spectrum of its 3-chip DLP RLM line (now ranging from 6,000 to 14,500 lumens) and the resulting product delivers crisp images, rich contrast and sensational color. This projector boasts a rugged design that reduces noise and power consumption and is ideal for small to medium-sized venues. It’s the first Barco 3-chip DLP projector that provides video over a single Cat 5 cable (exit multiple cables and connectors, enter simplicity and lower cost). And it runs on 110V-240V outlets. What does this mean for you? A power-packed projection experience without a complicated”or costly”power system. In other good news: We’re ready to train you on it (if you need it). Ready for a quote? RLM W14 Features

  • 14,500 lumens light output
  • 3-chip DLP technology
  • WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) resolution
  • Video over a single Cat 5 cable (standard HDBaseTTM)
  • Standard Active Stereo 3D
  • Extended warping and blending
  • Better color stability & saturation
  • Perfect for fixed installations
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide range of TLD lenses, compatible with RLM-W12, HDX, HDF & FLM projectors

You can check out the Quick Start Guide, Safety Manual and User Guide here. Looking for more Barco projection options? In addition to the new RLM W14, we stock many other heavy-lifting Barco projectors, including:

As always, we’ll work with you to customize a package with a competitive and flexible budget. What can we do for you?