DW Favorite RET 1 - DWP LIVE

VIP Live is our way of letting you behind the rope – a meet-n-greet with no lines.

We will feature a new team member every week in our newest blog segment.

There is no better place to start than with our founder, chief cook, and bottle washer, Danny Whetstone.

TOP 10+1

  1. Life Motto: Do it right, or don’t do it at all!
  2. Favorite song: HollyAnn by Boston is one of my faves but Lateralus by TOOL was my favorite song on the road because it was the last song of the night for years.
  3. Movie character you identify with: Carl Spackler (Bill Murray)/Caddyshack
  4. Pet peeve: People who say “I can’t”
  5. What makes you laugh? My girls laughing together is infectious!
  6. What makes you gag? Cucumbers
  7. Nerdiest thing you do: I read user manuals on a regular basis.
  8. What superpower would you possess? The power of healing. There would be no more suffering children in the world.
  9. Favorite vacation destination: St. John USVI
  10. Favorite part of your job: Seeing the growth in the young men and women that work with us.