Liz PinkstonVIP 1 - DWP LIVE

VIP Live is our way of letting you behind the rope – a meet-n-greet with no lines.

Liz Pinkston, Office Manager, our featured team member this week, has been with DWP Live 2  ½ years!.

TOP 10+1

  1. Life motto: Don’t let yesterday affect your today.
  2. Cringe-worthy: The sound or sight of bones breaking – movies or reality
  3. Favorite App: Snapchat
  4. Favorite line from a movie: “By Grabthar’s Hammer, you shall be revengedSir Alexander Dane, Galaxy Quest.
  5. What superpower would you possess? Breathe under water
  6. Favorite possession: Family pictures
  7. Pet peeve: Toilet paper put on the wrong way (it should roll forward not backwards!)
  8. Nerdiest thing you do: Quote movie lines amongst my siblings
  9. Best thing to do on your day off: Lounge by a pool
  10. Favorite vacation destination: Caribbean & Italy
  11. Favorite part of your job: working with others to make an event happen