Clay Tipton has been with DWP Live since 2013. In addition to generating show content ideas, assisting in video engineering design, and serving as on-site media server technician, Clay is also a certified d3 instructor.

DWP Live recently moved into a newly renovated 33,000 square foot building which includes a large conference room perfect for classes as small as one or large as seven. Also, on-site is The Hall, a 3,500 square foot event space where large group demonstrations and seminars can be scheduled – perfect for college class curriculum.

After Clay’s latest d3 class, we caught up with him to shed some light on this DWP Live resource.

What makes you qualified to teach d3?
After DWP Live purchased 10 – d3 4×4 Pro Servers in January of 2015, I participated in the d3 fundamental training course that I teach today. A few months later, after working with the media server in the field, I went through the d3 fundamental trainer training course with members of the d3 staff as well as other trainers.

How long does it take to become certified?
Fundamental d3 trainer training is an immersive five days covering all topics in the fundamental course as well as teaching how to anticipate questions from users on all levels of knowledge. This training is mandatory for d3 trainer certification.

How much previous knowledge of d3 should individuals have before attending your class?
A trial version of the d3 software is available for download to anyone at anytime. We recommend that individuals take a look at this before taking the class but other than that, no previous knowledge is necessary.

Can individuals with different skill levels benefit from the same class?
Absolutely! We tailor class size to accommodate an optimum learning environment. A class with five to seven members allows for devoting more time to answering questions and teaching hands-on.

How long are classes?
The d3 fundamental training is a two-day course from 10am-5pm.

How often will classes be offered?
The schedule will be released in April and we will add classes as needed.

What is your favorite part of teaching d3?
Being able to see people reach understanding. Bringing them to that understanding is really satisfying for me and motivates me to keep teaching. Everyone learns differently so it is my job to quickly understand how an individual learns and tailor my teaching style accordingly.

As a d3 user, what is your favorite feature of the software?

My favorite feature of the d3 software is multi-editing. To be able to tap into show file from another computer on the network is very powerful and efficient.

Also, this is unrelated to the software, but the d3 community is awesome! Users are very intelligent and diverse. This provides a great support system for all involved.

Contact Clay to reserve your space in the next class! 615.355.8687


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