1. Our number one for a very good reason, ALWAYS replace your lamp with a factory authorized replacement. Major projector manufacturers require replacement with factory OEM (original equipment manufacturer) lamps sourced generally from the manufacturer directly. If you are thinking of utilizing a third party lamp, this will likely void the warranty of the projector. In some cases, the OEM lamp has additional electronic components to count lamp strikes and hours. A third party lamp may not have these electronics on board.
  2. The lamp house reflector also has a service lifetime. In xenon lamp housings, the reflector bounces and directs light into the light pipe. This reflector literally takes the heat and will wear out over time. The typical service interval for the reflector is every two to four lamp changes. If you have changed the lamp a couple of times and are unsure if the reflector has been changed, you should have it serviced during the next lamp service.
  3. When shipping your lamp for service, always utilize secure packing. It is best to use a road case designed to fit the housing snugly and protect it from bumps and drops. The original cardboard used for shipping new housings is designed for one-way/one-time transportation only. The lamps are highly pressurized, a sharp bump or drop can cause the lamp to explode while in transport. This will destroy not only the lamp but the reflector and other components in the lamp house, causing extensive damage and even more expensive repair.
  4. XENON lamps should be changed by factory trained personnel only. There is a specific method used to install the lamps into the housings and to align them after installation. In fact, most manufacturers will only sell bare bulbs (ones not in a housing) to technicians or companies that have passed a factory sponsored training course. Technicians must use protective shields and gloves while handling these bulbs.   Improper installation of a XENON lamp will result in shorter lamp life and possible serious injury.
  5. Three axis points must be adjusted when replacing the refurbished lamp housing into the projector. Periodic alignment of the lamp to the light pipe will extend the lamp life. Adjusting these axis points can compensate for low light output and flicker during the usable life of the lamp. However, once the lamp reaches the end of its life, these adjustments will not make much difference and it is time for a lamp change.

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