Say hello to BlackTrax: the multi-award-winning tracking solution that has revolutionized the entertainment industry by empowering productions with unprecedented creativity and cutting-edge technology. The team at CAST has engineered BlackTrax from the ground up to transmit precise 3D and 6D positional data to automation controllers in a genuine realtime tracking environment. BlackTrax is as real-time as it gets. Like a bridge between what used to be done and what can be done, the BT environment or Space allows for consistency between creativity, artistry, technology and freedom; vital components to filling seats and hearts with memorable experiences show after show. This realtime exchange of information is the solution BT provides, along with a suite of road worthy features ready to execute the most complex production sequences.

What is BlackTrax

The following is a list of the upstream components required for a Standard installation – the sum of which equates the BTSystem.

  • 1 x BTServer (with operating, tracking & BTwyg software)
  • 1 x BTController
  • 4 x BTBeacons & 1- BTDocking Station
  • 6 x BTCameras (each with either wide or narrow lens)
  • 1 x BTCalibration Kit


BTServer is the engine, brains and communication hub for BlackTrax. Accordingly, it comes with the software required to operate the BTSystem. It includes a special version of wysiwyg called BTwyg, that works with BlackTrax as a visualizer. Through it you can not only see what’s happening in the real space in real-time but also use the virtual replica of the space to draw boundaries for tracking, create No-tracking Zones or set trigger points in space.


BTController is, in fact, a group of interconnected components including at least one timekeeper, sync box and BlackTrax router. The customer needs to supply the switch. It is the network power and nerve centre for coordinating inputs from the BTCameras and radio transmissions (usually at 2.4 GHz), time stamping and sending the packaged data to BTServer in realtime.


BTBeacon is about the size of a portable radio microphone. It consists of an active LED for sending unique InfraRed light pulses (meaning each beacon has its unique ID and can be tracked individually). The LED, which can be singular or a trio, is connected by the stringer to the base of the BTBeacon. The Beacon can be hidden into costumes, but the LED’s need to be visible to be captured by the BTCameras.


BTCameras are proprietary motion capture InfraRed cameras used to surround the tracking space and capture the motion of the BTBeacons. The BTCams can be secured to truss, walls, or other stationary objects in proximity to the Space. BlackTrax currently uses 1.3MPs or 1.7MPs cameras depending on the project and size of the tracking area.

Calibration Kit

BTCalibration Kit is used for the calibration routine which trues up the real and virtual worlds by automatically adjusting each BTCamera’s position in the BTwyg environment to its precise real-world location.

BlackTrax Benefits

  • Unleash creativity by adding much needed ‘wow’ to any production—any venue, any size, anywhere.
  • Fully customizable and adaptive installation layout that is designed and configured by CAST or a BTExpert as per your requirements.
  • Save time and money with less rehearsals and less or no Follow spot operators
  • Increase freedom.
  • Map creative sequences in advance, saving valuable time during set up.
  • Vertically integrated with BTwyg™ built from wysiwyg, the most reliable lighting design software suite in the market.
  • Front-end hardware/software technology is supplied by CAST, a name you know and trust with your production dollars.
  • CAST’s non-partisan policy ensures connectivity and compatibility within any set up.

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