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Outside of the projection mapping industry, our new scanning division provides everything related to laser scanning for use in sports broadcast, architectural renovation, engineering , and historical documentation.

What Is Laser Scanning? Porfolio Director of 3D Scanning Benefits of Laser Scanning

What is 3D Scanning?
AKA: High Definition Surveying, Terrestrial LiDAR

A 3D scanner is a device that analyses a real-world object or environment to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance (e.g. color). The collected data can then be used to construct digital three-dimensional models

Laser Scanning Projects

Director of 3D Laser Scanning

Ryan Darling


An expert in 3D laser scanning, Ryan Darling, has joined DWP Live. Darling is responsible for building DWP Live’s laser scanning division, which will work closely with the company’s projection mapping unit– the core of DWP Live’s technological and creative capabilities.

“The starting point for many 3D projection mapping projects is a 3D laser scan. The better the scan data, the easier it is for us to map images on non-flat surfaces without any distortion,” said Danny Whetstone, president of DWP Live. “Ryan’s knowledge and expertise in 3D laser scanning and complex surface modeling, combined with his love of high-tech surveying and managerial experience make him the perfect fit to lead this new unit.”

Darling joined DWP Live from Darling Geomatics in Tucson, Arizona, where he worked since 2002, most recently as vice president of 3D technologies.

“Anyone could buy the gear, but it’s the people who make the difference. We’re excited about the types of high-quality projects that Ryan and the DWP Live team will accomplish.”

While at Darling Geomatics, Darling managed hundreds of 3D laser scanning projects — also known as high definition surveying projects — for many industries, including mining, power generation, power distribution, defense, wastewater, airports, manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, chemical, civil, forensics, historical documentation, sports broadcast and entertainment.

A graduate of The University of Arizona, Darling brings more than just scanning experience to DWP Live. He is a certified commercial pilot of both single- and multi-engine aircrafts, and has helped teach others how to fly at Sonoran Wings Aviation in Tucson for the last 10 years. Darling also has aerial mapping experience and has mapped and surveyed with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly referred to as drones.


Darling’s 3D Scan of Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

“Ryan is a talented individual with an impressive resume in the 3D laser scanning industry,” said Whetstone. “Anyone could buy the gear, but it’s the people who make the difference. We’re excited about the types of high-quality projects that Ryan and the DWP Live team will be able to accomplish.”

Benefits of Laser Scanning

Why use 3D Laser Scanning?

Over the past fifteen years, laser scanning has become a standard measurement tool for Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Designers, Archaeologists, Forensic Analysts, Geologists, and Entertainment Professionals. Here are some benefits these professionals gain from this technology:

  • Complete and accurate measurement of current project conditions
  • Accurate measurements of complex objects, irregular surfaces, difficult to reach features, or elements too dangerous to measure using conventional methods
  • Decreased project design time using “as-is” 3D CAD models generated from the scan image
  • Reduce project schedules
  • Reduce errors caused by inaccurate or missing measurements
  • Reduce site visits
  • Reduce field detected surprises and clashes
  • Better project visualization and communication
  • Reduce the number of requests for information (RFI’s)
  • More prefabrication, less field fitting
  • Detailed topography
  • 3D virtual CAD models available in most CAD formats
  • Flythrough movies of 3D data for presentation
  • Measure changes in surfaces or structures over time
  • Higher quality 3D projection mapping projects
  • Accurate volume measurements
  • Quicker and more accurate structural analysis & pipe stress analysis


In support of the new unit, DWP Live added new laser scanning gear and software to its inventory, including the Leica ScanStation P30 scanner, Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite and Geomagic Design X.

“The Leica P30 is highly versatile and includes a High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging function, which is really nice,” Darling said. “HDR imaging captures multiple low dynamic range images and combines them. This reproduces greater dynamic range — the difference between the lightest light and darkest dark — than is possible with standard digital imaging techniques.”

Deliverables from 3D Scanning

  • 3D CAD Solid Models – AutoCAD, Revit, 3DS Max, etc.
  • 3D CAD Mesh Models – OBJ, IGS, DXF, SAT, STL
  • 3D PDF
  • TruView Bubble Views
  • Point Clouds – PTS, PTX, XYZ, ASCII TXT
  • Terrain models – ACAD Civil 3D surface models
  • 2D plans, sections, elevations
  • Change maps
  • Volumes
  • Flythrough movies
  • Inspection reports

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