d3 1 - DWP LIVE

Video production and projection mapping industry leader DWP Live will mark the world debut of d3 Technologies’ new Video Format Conversion (VFC) output card for a live event, which will take place in September.

DWP Live has adapted four of its d3 4x4pro machines to work with the newly designed card. The video production company will be the first to use the new technology for a live show. The VFC card lets DWP Live output 16 HD feeds from one d3 Technologies box.

“The VFC card will let us deliver large, multi ­projector shows for our clients with fewer machines and no downstream splitter devices,” explained Ben Ryle, DWP Live’s chief technology officer. “It will reduce production cost, rack space, set ­up time and complexity without adding any signal latency.”

An industry first, d3 Technologies developed the user ­replaceable VFC card to help video production companies transition from HD signal flows to 4K. The London ­based manufacturer first demoed the card in April.

“It has always been critically important for DWP Live to keep up with changes in projection technology, and d3 Technologies’ VFC card is no exception,” said DWP Live President Danny Whetstone. “We knew we wanted to be the first in the industry to adopt the new card, and we have a big show later this month for a special cause. It will be the perfect event to showcase the new technology.”

DWP Live has produced shows all over the globe, including the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show and Beyonce’s “I Was Here” music video at the United Nations’ General Assembly Hall for World Humanitarian Day in 2012. Whetstone has also toured with some of the world’s most popular music icons, including Bon Jovi, Keith Urban and Gwen Stefani.

DWP Live owns one of North America’s largest inventories of media servers and projectors. The company maintains an extensive and well cared for d3 4x4pro inventory, and is certified to train others on d3 and other media servers.