MMS_logo_wide High End Systems’ MMS-100s are the newest edition to DWP Live’s extensive inventory collection. By adding these new mirror systems, the company can easily project onto floors, ceilings and virtually anywhere. MMS-100 Our projection capabilities have expanded to include interactive projections and moving images that create excitement at every event. “One projector is now capable of producing the images we would normally need multiple projectors for,” said Danny Whetstone, DWP Live founder and president. Of the two available MMS versions, DWP Live owns the MMS-100s. The MMS-100 includes an Axon HD media server on board while the MMS-200 is only the mirror. In April, DWP Live used two MMS-100s for lighting effects when Barco invited us to do the Belgian Beer Bar at CinemaCon. High End Systems, a Barco company, creates lighting products for major artists, film and television, corporate events, church events and small spaces. According to the company, they are one of the world’s largest entertainment lighting manufacturers and producer of the industry-preferred lighting controller technology. High End Systems developed the MMS to go beyond those bulky mirror systems that are expensive and require custom, one-off rigging frames. The new system allows the projector to be in a natural position with the mirror doing most of the work. The MMS is also easy setup and operation. IMG_6499The system uses an optically flat mirror to deliver sharp, bright and detailed images anywhere. The MMS-100’s custom mirror was designed to allow 96% transmission of light. “It’s incredible what these mirror systems can do,” Whetstone said. “It’s why we made the investment – so others can use them and get the benefits when they rent from us.” This is more than just a mirror. “Out of all the mirror systems available, this is the most accurate and correctly calibrated unit that fits our needs,” said Edward Lunsford, DWP Live projectionist. The MMS-100 makes it easier for DWP Live to do what we’ve always been doing, but now it saves time and space on shows, allowing us to use those extra resources to go even farther than what is expected. “We always give 100% to every show and this lets us do it with less difficulty,” said Lunsford. One of DWP Live’s core values is efficiency and we always want to invest in products that allow us to be the most efficient we can be. “We want to live up to our reputation of always providing the best service in both live events and rentals,” Whetstone said. IMG_6500 Beyond all the details that make it a capable and worthwhile tool, “it’s just a cool piece of technology to use,” said Lunsford. If you want to know more about our MMS-100s, give us a call at 844-DWP-RENT.