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We have big news to share today with our family of customers. We’ve now added the Christie Boxer 4K30  to our inventory. This is our first 4K projector, and it also just happens to be the best 4K option  currently on the market for rental and staging. Weighing a mere 150 pounds, the 30,000 lumen, high-resolution, 3DLP projector delivers the best size to lumen output ratio for high impact live events. The Boxer’s 4K resolution gives a smoother display and more lifelike image than even the best HD projector on the market. It also offers higher frame rates and unrivaled brightness. If you haven’t already, you should consider making the transition to 4K for your next show. (Visit DWP Rents for full Boxer specs and rental information.) As you may recall, we recently outfitted four of our d3 4x4pro media servers with d3’s new Video Format Conversion (VFC) output card, which accommodates 4K signal flows. Expanding our inventory to include the Boxer gives us a 4K projector option as well. DWP Live has carried the Christie name for six years, and in addition to the Boxer, we stock the Spyder X20 video processor and Christie’s full line of Pandora’s Box media servers and accessories to meet all your video projection rental needs.