VIP LIVE – Behind the Rope

VIP Live presents Greg Foster


VIP Live is our way of letting you behind the rope – a meet-n-greet with no lines.

Meet Greg Foster, General Manager, our featured team member this week.

Greg has been with DWP Live for 3 years.

   TOP 10+1

  1. Pet Peeve: bad drivers
  2. Favorite ap: Waze (see #1)
  3. Most bizarre thing you’ve eaten: Ostrich
  4. Favorite music genre: Rock
  5. What always makes you laugh? My kids
  6. What makes you gag? The smell of vomit
  7. Favorite line from a movie: “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” from The Princess Bride
  8. What superpower would you possess? The ability to fly
  9. Best thing to do on your day off: Boating
  10. Favorite part of your job: Helping employees grow and achieve their goals.


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