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We the people (of DWP), in order to form a more perfect (wholesale) rental, establish DWP Rents, to insure working gear, provided on time, within the working budget.

• You have the right to well maintained gear, maintained just like you would your own gear (or better).
• You have the right to logical pricing, including shipping both directions.
• You have the right to privacy.
• You have the right to consultation with experts that actually work the gear in the field.
• You have the right to rent just a piece, or a complete system with technical support
• You have the right to work with a transparent, long term partner
• You have the right to work with a team that treats you as one of their own. We're in it for the long-term relationship not a one-time rental.

DWP Rents is a wholesale rental company started by people that do live events for people that do live events.

Our team members come to the table with years of actual show experience. From that experience we understand what you need in a wholesale company, and what you do not.

Our goal is to provide a consistently reliable service, that you can count on for on time delivery, gear that meets or exceeds specification, with all the extra pieces needed to make your show happen.


“I love all your gear. It is always a blessing to have guys, like your staff, that prepare & label everything how we ask. This is much appreciated especially when I’m prepping for a show.”

- Chad Yeary, Thrasos Media

“Working with DWP is one of the best decisions we’ve made. They care about our shows and do whatever it takes to make them even better than we envisioned. DWP has solved every problem we’ve thrown at them.”

- Pete Young, The Lampo Group, Dave Ramsey’s Company

“As a boutique firm, Snap! relies on partners as extensions of our team. Danny and his team were honest, realistic and transparent all the way. Our client was delighted with the event and working with DWP was a big part of the success.”

- Terri Sue Wensinger, Snap! Event Productions

“DWP has been instrumental in helping us fill creative needs event after event. Danny and team not only provide great gear, they offer a level of service that makes them our one and only call.”

- Troy Bartholomew, Willow Creek Community Church

“DWP is a key partner for staging events across the globe. The equipment is always the latest spec, and proven onsite to be fast and reliable. I will continue to use DWP as a resource for future events.”

- Branden Roth, iGAD Productions

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