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In the realm of video distribution, certain features are invaluable in a commercial or broadcast environment. Accommodations such as a build-in power supply and flat black rack-mount enclosures set GefenPRO apart from our traditional products. Complex distribution units allow for professional DVI, 3G-SDI, and HDMI signals to be routed and converted easily and seamlessly, while being backed up by a renowned and dependable technical support team. Gefen invites you to explore the GefenPRO product line and hopes that you find the solution that fits your needs.

The GefenPRO 16×16 DVI Matrix w/ Front Panel Push Button Control

Simplify the process of routing up to 16 DVI sources to any of 16 DVI monitors without losing quality or resolution. This Matrix provides a simple, reliable, and highly effective method of streamlining any installation using multiple sources and outputs, taking the hassle out of managing multiple connections. Each DVI source is accessible at all times by any monitor using the front-panel buttons, IR remote unit, built-in RS-232 or using IP control.

How It Works

Connect 16 sources to the DVI input ports on the Matrix using the supplied DVI cables. Connect 16 monitors to the Matrix. Power on the source devices and the monitors. Plug in the power cord and power on the Matrix. Use the push buttons on the front panel for routing each DVI source to the desired display. The connected monitors will display video according to the routing state.

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