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The Extron DMS 3600 represents a new level of matrix switching for DVI. It combines the simplicity and reliability of a fixed I/O matrix switcher with the convenience and flexibility of a modular matrix switcher. The 8U enclosure accepts any combination of DVI boards. Input and output boards are available in 4-port input, 4-port output, and 4×4 I/O versions, providing various I/O size combinations with sizes from 4×4 to 36×36 for full system customization. The DMS 3600 is ideal for a wide range of applications that require routing of high-resolution DVI digital video signals without copy protection.

To enhance and simplify integration of DVI-equipped sources and displays, the DMS 3600 features EDID Minder™ that automatically manages EDID – Extended Display Identification Data communications for each input/output tie. EDID Minder offers an automatic mode in which the EDID for all displays connected to the system are analyzed using a complex algorithm to determine a common resolution, refresh rate, and color space. These are then used to set up the input sources through the EDID protocol. Also available is a user assigned mode, which allows the EDID from any of the displays, or pre-stored EDID based on 28 selectable resolutions, to be manually assigned to any input. By maintaining continuous EDID communication with all sources, EDID Minder ensures that all DVI sources power up properly and maintain their video outputs whether or not they are actively connected to the digital display devices through the matrix switcher’s outputs.

The DMS 3600 also features automatic cable equalization for all inputs and output reclocking for each output. This reduces the need for additional signal conditioning equipment by compensating for weak source signals or signal loss when using long input cable assemblies. Automatic output reclocking restores signal integrity for improved performance. Signals are reshaped and the timing is restored to allow for transmission over long DVI cables.

The DMS 3600 offers several features that enhance integration convenience and ease of set-up. These include QS-FPC with tri-color backlit buttons, the ability to save frequently used I/O configurations as presets, and multiple points of control. The DMS 3600 can be operated via the front panel, RS-232 serial control, and IP Link Ethernet control. An optional Extron X-Y Remote Control Panel is also available that provides a convenient user interface for controlling a DMS 3600 from a remote location. Additionally, the DMS 3600 provides +5VDC, 250mA on the DVI outputs for powering external peripheral devices.

The DMS 3600 matrix switcher is ideal for various commercial, medical, military and government, and residential environments where distribution of high resolution, digital video signals is needed, and a fully digital pathway is essential to maintain the highest possible image quality, from multiple sources to multiple displays.

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