BM Design 72×144

Video Processing, Converting & Routing / Matrixes/Routers


Videohub lets you connect all the SDI Broadcasting Decks and Equipment in your studio together to one central location, enabling you to decide from either a Mac or PC desktop console where to route the signal.

The Broadcast Videohub features 72 inputs and 144 outputs of high quality 10-bit 3 GB/s SDI ports that switch instantly automatically between SDI, HD-SDI, and 2K. From your software console, you can send one SDI source to 144 locations, or switch through 72 sources at one location, or anything else in between.

Videohub uses software control panels that run on Windows™ and Mac OS X™. This lets you control the router from the same system you edit on. Videohub connects to any computer via USB and is then shared over your local network. Any computer can be the host, and simply connecting to the router via the USB 2.0 connection activates that computer as the host and allows other computers on your network to connect. Router labels can be changed from any computer and are fully unicode compatible for foreign language support.

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