AJA HA5-4K HDMI to Quad 3G-SDI

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The HA5-4K 4K HDMI to 4K SDI Mini-Converter from AJA provides high-quality conversion of 4K HDMI to 4K SDI via a quad-link 3G-SDI output at frame rates up to 50/60 fps. It also supports SD, HD, and 2K HDMI to SDI conversion as well. The HA5-4K automatically senses incoming HD/2K resolution HDMI signals and convert them to a single 3G-SDI output. Up to eight channels of HDMI embedded audio can be passed through to the SDI output, ensuring your audio is always in sync with the SDI signal. The HA5-Plus features a compact, portable, and rugged design and comes with a universal power supply with international plugs for use around the world.

AJA’s free-download MiniConfig control software allows you to control all the parameters of the HA5-4K, and lets you download firmware updates that add new features and functionality. It provides an easy-to-use graphical interface with detailed information about the current input and output ormats.

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