DWP Live Announces Appointment of New CEO


Mark Lively, pictured left, joins DWP Live as CEO alongside Founder and President, Danny Whetstone, pictured right.

NASHVILLE, TN – DWP Live, a Nashville-based company that creates event experiences through technology, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Lively as Chief Executive officer. Lively steps in alongside DWP Live’s current Founder and President, Danny Whetstone.

As CEO, Lively will be tapping into his 30 years of experience developing trade show and event marketing communication strategies for major corporations. He will bring his expertise in leadership, communication strategy, and brand positioning to DWP Live’s growing team.

“When I was first introduced to DWP Live, I was impressed with their ability to take an event and truly immerse the audience in the brand,” said Lively. “There is a great foundation here. DWP Live does phenomenal work for companies large to small, corporate to concerts. What excites me is taking this experience and applying it to a new direction of event consultation.”

Danny Whetstone, who founded and has served as President for the past 10 years, will continue nurturing and developing relationships with DWP Live’s clients and manufacturers. Bringing in Lively is a testament to the company’s evolution, having Whetstone continue playing to his strengths and allowing Lively to take the business to the next level.

“It was an important milestone for me to recognize my limitations,” said Whetstone. “I started talking to Mark in June of 2017, and his leadership skills were clearly a great fit for our team. He has the heart of a teacher, the communication of a coach, and he has the skills required to lead DWP.”

According to Lively, “Danny Whetstone is committed to investing in technology and has years of experience in event consulting. He’s developed a staff of experts through his vision and education in this space to be able to move the company to where we are today.”

DWP Live has made some big business changes in the last year, and only continue to do so. The company has a specific process in place for identifying key objectives and outcomes their clients are trying to accomplish. DWP Live offers more than rental services, they are a solutions company in the event field that is focused on their clients and the ever-changing event technology landscape.

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